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Before filing an extension, estimate your tax liability/refund here:


Use this list to help jog your memory. Copy, print it and use as a

checklist. Write your amounts next to each and you're ready to have your

tax returns done!

Accounting fees (incl. income tax preparation)
Advertising costs
Bank Charges
Business phone/fax line
Cell Phone
Cleaning & Janitorial
Commissions Paid
Contract Labor (paid by 1099) (see also Wages)
Debt Collection
Education Expenses
Email / CRM service
Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Expenses (unreimbursed by job)
Equipment (printer, laptop)
Gifts (max. $25 per person per year)
Insurance (exc. health, home, auto, life)
Interest (exc. home, auto)
Internet Access fees
Laundry & Cleaning (for travel)
Legal/Professional fees 
Medical Expenses (personal and family)
Medical plans for employees

Meeting Registration Fees 
​Merchant service fees
Office rent (except home-office)

Office Supplies (paper, ink, etc.)
Outside Services
Pager / Text service
Pension plans for employees
Permits & Fees
hone (Long Dist.ONLY-no base charges)
Postage & Delivery (USMail, UPS, etc.)
Printing (fliers, business cards, copies, etc.)
Professional Memberships
Rent (not lease) of Vehicles or Equipment
Rent of property (exc. home)
Repairs & Maintenance (exc. home or auto)
START-UP (up to $5,000 first year)*
Subscriptions – trade magazines
Taxes & Licenses (except home or auto)
Telephone (Long Dist.ONLY-no base charges)

Training (Meetings, Seminars, Conventions, Books, CDs, etc.)
Travel – Lodging (incl. tips, phone charges for business calls, use of in-room safe, laundry/dry cleaning, personal grooming)
Travel – Transportation (Flights, Taxis, Rental Cars)
Utilities (other than home)
Wages (paid by your business) (need employees' W-4 or I-9 info)
Wardrobe, Laundry and Grooming
​Web Hosting (eService, GoDaddy)

                                                           *Start-up costs are treated differently


Lease pmts. (100%) -or- Car Loan (Interest ONLY from year-end statement))

Actual expenses for Repairs and Maintenance

Miles driven for: commuting (to/from job), business, medical, charity work

** Your vehicle is your highest deduction. You can take "actual" expenses or a standard mileage rate times your miles driven, whichever is better for you (but you can't take both).

Home Office Expenses***
Total size of Home (sq.ft.)
Area of Home Office (sq.ft.)
Rent or Total Interest on Mortgage
Internet Access
Repairs and Maintenance
Other (HOA, gardner, etc.)
*** a percentage of expenses may be deductible based on square footage percentage of the home




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