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Tax Savings Video Series by Sandy Botkin

Use these calendars to document expenses, miles, travel, etc. Save in your file with other tax information.

(Especially helpful in case of an audit)



Use this list to help jog your memory. Copy, print it and use as a

checklist. Write your amounts next to each and you're ready to have your

tax returns done!

Accounting fees (incl. income tax preparation)
Advertising costs
Bank Charges
Business phone/fax line
Cell Phone
Cleaning & Janitorial
Commissions Paid
Contract Labor (paid by 1099) (see also Wages)
Debt Collection
Education Expenses
Email / CRM service
Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Expenses (unreimbursed by job)
Equipment (printer, laptop)
Gifts (max. $25 per person per year)
Insurance (exc. health, home, auto, life)
Interest (exc. home, auto)
Internet Access fees
Laundry & Cleaning (for travel)
Legal/Professional fees 
Meals & Entertainment (others 75-100%)
MEALS (your own 50%)
Medical Expenses (personal and family)
plans for employees
Meeting Registration Fees 
​Merchant service fees
Office rent (except home-office)

Office Supplies (paper, ink, etc.)
Outside Services
Pager / Text service
Pension plans for employees
Permits & Fees
hone (Long Dist.ONLY-no base charges)
Postage & Delivery (USMail, UPS, etc.)
Printing (fliers, business cards, copies, etc.)
Professional Memberships
Rent (not lease) of Vehicles or Equipment
Rent of property (exc. home)
Repairs & Maintenance (exc. home or auto)
START-UP (up to $5,000 first year)*
Subscriptions – trade magazines
Taxes & Licenses (except home or auto)
Telephone (Long Dist.ONLY-no base charges)

Training (Meetings, Seminars, Conventions, Books, CDs, etc.)
Travel – Lodging (Tips, phone charges for business calls, use of in-room safe, laundry/dry cleaning, personal grooming)
Travel – Transportation (Flights, Taxis, Rental Cars)
Utilities (other than home)
Wages (paid by your business) (need employees' W-4 or I-9 info) Wardrobe and Grooming
​Web Hosting (eService, GoDaddy)

*Start-up costs are handling separately and differently.


Lease pmts. (100%) -or- Car Loan (Interest ONLY from year-end statement))

Actual expenses for Repairs and Maintenance

Miles driven for: commuting (to/from job), business, medical, charity work

** Your vehicle is your highest deduction. You can take "actual" expenses or a standard mileage rate times your miles driven, whichever is better for you (but you can't take both).

Home Office Expenses***
Total size of Home (sq.ft.)
Area of Home Office (sq.ft.)
Rent or Total Interest on Mortgage
Internet Access
Repairs and Maintenance
Other (HOA, gardner, etc.)
*** a percentage of expenses may be deductible based on square footage percentage of the home




Before filing an extension, estimate your tax liability/refund here:

Click to download and complete any of these worksheets as you prepare for your appointment.

​(or use whatever works for you)